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Iguana Found on Mars?

The planet Mars is a subject of much interest and speculation among the general public. Unfortunately, people do not always seek out good sources of information when feeding their fascination of the red planet. Reputable scientists are just as interested … Continue reading

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Science, Values and the World

The central aim of science is to demythologize our intuitions about the natural world, to convert the irrationality of discovery into the rationality of justification. A judicious mixture of both creative inspiration and rigorous testing is essential to the success … Continue reading

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The $100 Apocalypse

According to the online rantings-and-ravings of one doomsday evangelist and conspiracy nut, printed money can be used to predict the end of the world. “This is a mega news flash,” he declares. The evangelist’s name is Jonathan Kleck, a man … Continue reading

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Photographing the Soul?

Ever since the days of Descartes in the 17th century, the search for a reason-based vindication of the widespread belief in the existence of the human soul has occupied the efforts of those who want to find a point of … Continue reading

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