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How Religion Kills: The Fatal Exorcism in Maryland

One of the most prevailing questions directed toward scientific skeptics who criticize religion, paranormal beliefs, and pseudoscientific quackery is “What’s the harm in allowing people to believe in what they want, even if their beliefs are not evidently true?” This … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden and the Alien Conspiracy

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who famously disclosed top secret NSA documents to several media outlets early in 2013, has reportedly revealed much more than the United States government’s mass surveillance of the public. Stories are circulating … Continue reading

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Ken Ham’s Lucrative Shipwreck

Stormy weather is on the horizon for Ken Ham, president of the non-profit young-earth creationist organization Answers in Genesis. It turns out that his particular deity is not powerful enough to keep his religiously-motivated ark-building project afloat. However, as we … Continue reading

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The Man Who Killed Bigfoot

A hunter has recently come forward with the claim that he has shot and killed the legendary Bigfoot in the woods of northwest San Antonio, Texas, back in September 2012. This man has produced an unimpressive grainy video and two … Continue reading

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