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Did a Computer Program Pass the Turing Test?

If the majority of media reports are to be believed, a computer program has finally and officially passed the famous Turing Test by fooling enough people into thinking it is human. When I first heard about this from otherwise trustworthy … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 3): Solutions

To say that the general public’s penchant for credulity and gullibility is dangerous is no overstatement. If our country as a whole is to continue functioning properly, let alone to flourish and progress, the general public must become much better … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 2): Barriers to Science Education

In order to more effectively make areas of knowledge such as science and mathematics more accessible to the public, there is much that educators need to accomplish. Sadly, some segments of the general public do not have any interest whatsoever … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 1): The Problem

If the teaching of science is to be dictated by those who understand neither science nor the logic of scientific discovery, then our entire country will suffer from the ignorance of the next generation. ~ Milton A. Rothman [1] I’m … Continue reading

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