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Humanoid on the Moon?

The mainstream news media offers countless reminders of how susceptible we humans are to pareidolia, the phenomenon of seeing things which are not really there. Headlines are written primarily to capture people’s attention and fascination. When somebody thinks they have … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort in Space

Evangelical creationist minister Ray “Banana Man” Comfort is an author and video producer who is best known for the “banana fallacy,” in which he claimed that the perfection of the banana is evidence of God’s engineering prowess in designing his … Continue reading

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No Salvation for Aliens

In a shameless display of unfettered narcissism and cosmic ignorance, famous young-earth creationist Ken Ham stated in a recent blog post that even if intelligent extraterrestrials exist (which he expressly denies as a possibility), they would be damned to hell anyway. … Continue reading

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