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Countering Theist Apologetics: The Argument from Design

For centuries, many theists have attempted to deduce the existence of a supernatural creator and sustainer of the universe from the visible features of the natural world. One common way they do this is by selectively pointing to instances in nature of beauty and complexity as revealed by the exploration and study of natural objects, which include examples of carefully-balanced regularity and order. The “argument from design” states that such beauty, complexity and order could not possibly have come about by material processes alone. Something more is needed, namely a supernatural Designer or Creator. Continue reading

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Movie Review: Jurassic World

In 1993, a story was told of a catastrophic incident on Isla Nublar which claimed the lives of four people, all eaten by cloned dinosaurs that escaped from controlled captivity due to a failure of the island’s security system. The island was home to Jurassic Park, the ill-fated brainchild of John Hammond who, along with his genetic engineering firm InGen, discovered a technique by which dinosaurs could be cloned from ancient DNA strands preserved in amber. The disaster occurred during the visit of a group of scientists who were hired by Hammond to evaluate the viability and safety of the island attraction. Just before a group of the survivors boards a rescue helicopter to leave the island, one of the scientists tells Hammond that he has decided not to endorse the park, and Hammond agrees. Continue reading

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Countering Theist Apologetics: The Kalam Cosmological Argument

The Kalam Cosmological Argument is a philosophical and (ostensibly) scientific defense of theism that many theistic apologists have found to be relevant and useful in recent years. It is especially favored by Christian apologist and philosopher William Lane Craig, who … Continue reading

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