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A Physicist Calculates the Viability of Conspiracies

For decades, science-based skeptics have been pointing out one of the most important flaws besetting grandiose conspiracy theories: the sheer number of people who must be involved in the execution of a large-scale conspiracy makes it extremely implausible that such … Continue reading

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Ken Ham Hates Journalists

It’s been a frustrating month for Ken Ham, the Australian-born biblical-literalist and god-botherer who wants to build a giant monument to ignorance in the form of a scale-sized model of Noah’s ark. The frustration he’s feeling is borne of the … Continue reading

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GMO Labels Should Not Be Mandatory

After years of opposing mandatory labeling of food products that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the Campbell Soup Company recently announced its decision to switch sides in the debate. The American canned soup producer now says that not only will they … Continue reading

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