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Spirit of Paranoia: A Critical Analysis of “Zeitgeist” (Part III)

The third and final part of Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist is by far the most fascinating – and perhaps the most delusional and paranoid – of the film’s three sections. Part III, titled “Don’t Mind the Men behind the Curtain,” takes … Continue reading

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A Critical Review of “GMO OMG” (Part 2): Fear and Loathing in Haiti

After talking to random people on the streets of his local town about GMOs, Jeremy Seifert travels to Haiti, where he says “something happened that really awakened me to a much bigger story about seeds and food and control.” In … Continue reading

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Ken Ham Hates Journalists

It’s been a frustrating month for Ken Ham, the Australian-born biblical-literalist and god-botherer who wants to build a giant monument to ignorance in the form of a scale-sized model of Noah’s ark. The frustration he’s feeling is borne of the … Continue reading

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GMO Labels Should Not Be Mandatory

After years of opposing mandatory labeling of food products that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the Campbell Soup Company recently announced its decision to switch sides in the debate. The American canned soup producer now says that not only will they … Continue reading

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Chemistry and Philosophy Banned by ISIS

The combination of religious fervor and socio-political power often has devastating impacts on education. This is currently happening in northern Syria, where radical Islamic schools are banning the teaching of science and philosophy. This news comes to us via Al … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 3): Solutions

To say that the general public’s penchant for credulity and gullibility is dangerous is no overstatement. If our country as a whole is to continue functioning properly, let alone to flourish and progress, the general public must become much better … Continue reading

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Dowsing for Disease

If sensational news reports hailing from Egypt are to be believed, the Egyptian army is on the brink of eliminating AIDS. The Egyptian government issued a press release last week proclaiming, “Armed Forces achieve scientific breakthrough.” The press release reads … Continue reading

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