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Guest Post: The Fascinating World of Ghosthunting

This is a guest post written by Niels Böge Nothdurft from Denmark. Long before I learned about critical thinking and became a skeptic I was fascinated by all kinds of what I would call woo today. That fascination hasn’t stopped, … Continue reading

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I Was a Teenage Apologist: My Journey from Christianity to Atheism

“Do not demand that your belief [in a personal God] be reasonable. You will be threatened with the loss of your faith. You may well lose your faith. Those who have lost their faith in God are generally those who … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Reverse: Skeptical Lessons from the Backward Masking Scare

“Just ‘cause you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.” ~ Radiohead, “There There” In the campy 1986 horror film Trick or Treat, directed by Michael Martin Smith and written by Rhet Topham, a devil-worshiping rock star named Sammi Curr meets … Continue reading

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Why the Devil Has the Best Tunes: Rock Music, Satanism, and Religious Fear

They say I worship the Devil / They must be stupid or blind / I’m just a rock ‘n’ roll rebel. ~ Ozzy Osbourne [1] In the summer of 1990, heavy rock music went on trial for murder. Five years before, … Continue reading

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Ken Ham Hates Journalists

It’s been a frustrating month for Ken Ham, the Australian-born biblical-literalist and god-botherer who wants to build a giant monument to ignorance in the form of a scale-sized model of Noah’s ark. The frustration he’s feeling is borne of the … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Cried Heaven

In 2010, the Christian publishing company Tyndale House published a book entitled The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World. Written by a Christian therapist named Kevin Malarkey and his … Continue reading

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A Critical Analysis of the “Left Behind” Series (6): Concluding Thoughts

The existence of the Left Behind series may ultimately be unintentionally fortuitous to the cause of freethought and turn more people into atheists. This potential “faith antidote” aspect would then represent the sole redeeming element of the series. Continue reading

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