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I Was a Teenage Apologist: My Journey from Christianity to Atheism

“Do not demand that your belief [in a personal God] be reasonable. You will be threatened with the loss of your faith. You may well lose your faith. Those who have lost their faith in God are generally those who … Continue reading

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No Salvation for Aliens

In a shameless display of unfettered narcissism and cosmic ignorance, famous young-earth creationist Ken Ham stated in a recent blog post that even if intelligent extraterrestrials exist (which he expressly denies as a possibility), they would be damned to hell anyway. … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 2): Barriers to Science Education

In order to more effectively make areas of knowledge such as science and mathematics more accessible to the public, there is much that educators need to accomplish. Sadly, some segments of the general public do not have any interest whatsoever … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 1): The Problem

If the teaching of science is to be dictated by those who understand neither science nor the logic of scientific discovery, then our entire country will suffer from the ignorance of the next generation. ~ Milton A. Rothman [1] I’m … Continue reading

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Americans’ Belief in Astrology Persists and Grows

Author and science journalist Chris Mooney recently wrote a very revealing article for Mother Jones in which he showcases the latest analysis of the unsettling extent to which Americans misunderstand science and embrace pseudoscience. Mooney reports on a new survey … Continue reading

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Science, Values and the World

The central aim of science is to demythologize our intuitions about the natural world, to convert the irrationality of discovery into the rationality of justification. A judicious mixture of both creative inspiration and rigorous testing is essential to the success … Continue reading

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