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Humanoid on the Moon?

The mainstream news media offers countless reminders of how susceptible we humans are to pareidolia, the phenomenon of seeing things which are not really there. Headlines are written primarily to capture people’s attention and fascination. When somebody thinks they have … Continue reading

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Science Communication in Crisis (Part 1): The Problem

If the teaching of science is to be dictated by those who understand neither science nor the logic of scientific discovery, then our entire country will suffer from the ignorance of the next generation. ~ Milton A. Rothman [1] I’m … Continue reading

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Geocentrism at the Box Office

“He [the pseudo-scientist] has strong compulsions to focus his attacks on the greatest scientists and the best-established theories. When Newton was the outstanding name in physics, eccentric works in that science were violently anti-Newton. Today, with Einstein the father-symbol of … Continue reading

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There Is No Martian Beacon

The art of hunting for anomalies in the thousands of photos released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and then declaring any such supposed anomaly to be indicative of alien intelligence or UFOs has become a cottage industry … Continue reading

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The Werewolf Diet

The age-old belief that the full moon influences the human condition has found expression in the latest dieting craze, which is being dubbed the “Werewolf Diet.” Naming the diet after the mythical creature is a bit of a misnomer; werewolves … Continue reading

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